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Sentry Studios is a professional media production company with our flagship studio based in Atlanta, Ga and satellite locations in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.  Sentry has worked with the highest profile clients including Tom Brady, Mike Tyson, Post Malone and Katy Perry as well as corporate industry titans Verizon Wireless, NFL, Target and Mercedes Benz just to name a few. Our full service production studio hosts many primetime television productions including "Walking Dead", "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" and "Love & Hip Hop".  We have garnished over 1 billion views from viral videos produced by our talented team that have lead to social media super stars on platforms such Tik Tok and Instagram and have even led to clients signing with major recording labels such as Eminem's "Shady Records" and Kanye West's "Good Music". Our professionally trained staff is standing by to provide an excellent customer experience with a fast final product turnaround process that allows for client input to be expedited smoothly.  Sentry specializes in many areas of media so wether it be corporate photography or video production with a fortune 500 company or a creative music video with state of the art lighting equipment and VFX (visual effects) we have the expertise to deliver at the highest level. Sentry also has a strong track record in narrative and documentary productions.  From casting and script writing in pre production to sound design and color grading in post production.  Sentry Studios has you covered from start to finish by walking you through the whole process wether you are wanting to build a set for your podcast for social media, shoot a reality television show pilot or produce a feature length film you wrote and want to see come alive on the silver screen.  Sentry Studios is laser focused on the creative and technical details necessary to deliver consistent impressive results ensuring your specific vision becomes a captivating reality.  Call Sentry Studios today and lets get started!

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